Once Upon a Time,
in a loft not so far away...

TeamQuest Staffing

Identity Package [Proposed] In a growing population of staffing services, we wanted to position them as specialists in their area. Heavyweights in the light industrial world.


Smile Designers

Identity Package [Proposed] Let’s face it, dentists can be scary. Of course, it helps if you have the word smile in your name. Still. it was our job to make this look like a place you might actually want to visit. Or at least not dread.


Troy Hair Design

Identity Package  This one doesn’t really need much explanation, does it?


Zippel Photography

Identity Package [Proposed] We just couldn’t resist. So many photographers’ logos use film and camera icons. This was the perfect opportunity to have a little fun with the name



Identity Package [Proposed]  After-hours pediatric urgent care. The name kind of says it all. We just needed to make it kid- (and parent-) friendly.


OC Fair & Event Center

Identity Package [Proposed] The Fairgrounds wanted a new look for their new branding. Something that was universal enough to include all the different events that go on there.