Once Upon a Time,
in a loft not so far away...


This is where the action is. Well, it's where it WILL be once it's finished. You'll be able to check out some Wiener Dog Wisdom for snippets of my sage advice. Then, step into Jack's Closet to dress me up in various humiliating outfits. And last but not least, with some luck and a good programmer, you'll be able to enter Jack's Gameroom for a rousing game of Jackman. So set yourself a reminder to come back soon!

weiner dog wisdom

Some very serious advice-dog-to-dog. We’re talking life-changing stuff.

Jack’s Closet

Jack needs to go out. But without opposable thumbs he can’t dress himself. He needs your help.

Jack’s gameroom

Up for a little game of Jackman? Go ahead, take it out for a spin. No one’s watching.