Once Upon a Time,
in a loft not so far away...

Orange County Coalition of Community Clinics

“Yellow” Annual Report  Working with non-profits  often requires creative ways to stretch tight budgets. But you can do a lot with two colors. Well, two colors, some good photography and a passion for good causes.

Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County

“Bold Goal. Big Dreams” Annual Report  Hunger is often the biggest obstacle to OC kids reaching their dreams. So we wanted to make sure folks knew that it’s hard to follow your dreams on an empty stomach.

CHOC Children’s

“Destination:CHOC” Annual Report  We were  going for a hip, vintage collagey approach to this year’s  report. Something that illustrated CHOC’s tradition of  unparalelled care, in combination with their cutting-edge technology. And a message that conveyed the fact that CHOC is a destination hospital that folks travel great  distances to be a part of.